Christian Persecution Preparedness Workshops

The CPP Workshops are designed to help any true believer prepare themselves for the prophesized persecution coming on the last day's church. It is also designed to give anyone who is "apt to teach" some working tools for passing this critical information on to their families, friends, neighbors and brothers & sisters in Christ. The "working tools" are comprised of recommended books, videos and audio messages, along with teaching power point presentations on SPIRITUAL WARFARE, HERMENEUTICS, APOSTASY DANGERS, THE OBSERVE & PATTERN PRINCIPLE, and several others. There is also an extensive list of reputable APOLOGETICS websites with a proven track record of exposing false teachers and their destructive teachings.

The workshops are available in two formats:

  1. 1.  A four hour webinar for churches/groups that have an Internet connection with audio & video projection capabilities. This webinar will also be available for any individual as well.
  2. 2.  An "on sight" workshop for churches or groups that want to host a community workshop and cover all travel expenses for the workshop facilitator.

If you'd like more information, wish to sign up for this workshop in webinar form, or would like to schedule an on-site presentation simply mention your request in our Contact Form.

CPP Workshop Overview



When we heard about this Persecution Preparedness Workshop we knew we had to participate!  Persecution of Christians in America has already begun. There is little about this subject being spoken from the pulpit.   This webinar workshop scripturally prepares us for this persecution. The materials and presentation are thorough, excellent and all backed up by scripture. Now that we have the materials and the Powerpoint presentation we are able to duplicate the workshop to instruct many on how to prepare.  I am surprised and pleased with the amount of additional materials you have included that educate beyond the workshop. It is obvious a great deal of time has been spent in the research and preparation.  Every Christian needs to pay attention, wake up and participate in this workshop.  May God accelerate the distribution of these materials.

—Daniel & Rose Garvin