CPP Workshop Overview

  1. Session 1 (Approximately 40 minutes)
    • Welcome prayer
    • Looking at Christian persecution through the tri-focal lenses (Spiritual warfare, Eschatology & Sufferology)
    • Key verses & statements to remember during and after workshop
    • Overview of Spiritual Warfare session
    • Overview of apostasy's prophetic place in Christian persecution
    • Overview of the "Observe and Pattern" principle & the "helps" in the take home kit
  2. Session 2 (Approximately 55 minutes)
    • Spiritual warfare for the 21st century
    • Overview of the 12 power point lessons on the CD in the take home kit
    • The Truth about the Truth article
    • Go through the "Belt of Truth" power point lesson
  3. Session 3 (Approximately 65 minutes)
    • "Apostasy's Prophetic Place" power point
    • Emphasis on Warnings
    • Emphasis on Hermeneutics†
    • Emphasis on Discernment
    • Emphasis on Biblical "misleading"
    • Emphasis on Biblical "deceiving"
    • Emphasis on Biblical "Parousia" (GR 2nd coming of Christ)
    • Emphasis on "Teacher" warnings†
    • A short discussion on Islam†
    • A short discussion on existing & up and coming dangerous apostates (a list of proven apologetics websites is on the CD in the take home kit)
  4. Session 4 (Approximately 45-75 minutes w/Q&A)
    • Go through the "Observe and Pattern Principle" power point
    • Quickly show the different "helps" in the take home kit for teachers to use
    • A quick look at some helpful websites with more help in understanding Christian persecution as it applies to us here in America
    • A quick look at "Persecution for faith or discipline"†
Items marked withare included as a power point on the CD in the take home kit

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