These blogs are designed to either expose the apostasy that is growing within the church, share world news events that prophetically show the times we are in, give examples of the persecution “TRUE” disciples of Jesus Christ face daily, or provide general commentary on crucial subjects.   Please use these blogs to help in preparing yourself first, your family and then your neighbors… as commanded by Jesus.  May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to walk with us all until that great and final day.


PREPARE! The Undergrounded News & Events

A general commentary page on events, people & political decisions that will have an affect on The Undergrounded.


DANGER! Undergrounded – Apostasy

Helping to expose the apostasy so the “true” disciples of Jesus Christ will be further prepared to “stand firm” in their faith as they come under attack.


HELP! The Undergrounded’s Practical STAND

Jesus spent much of His ministry years preparing His disciples to STAND… Paul spent much of his ministry years preparing Timothy to STAND FIRM… WHO IS PREPARING US? And for what are we being prepared? STANDING FIRM… OR ESCAPING!